How To Check The Quality Of Masterbatch

How To Check The Quality Of Masterbatch
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1、 Security should be common.

In today's international economy, international customers are surely needed for the quality of masterbatch and the stability of raw materials. This is also the fifth element in the resolution of the quality of black masterbatch. One of the primary manifestations of security is the smooth share of carbon black.

2、 the brightness should be clear.

The end of the resolution black masterbatch quality is a factor of the color shade. There are a variety of carbon black types that can be used to color the masterbatch, but the colors and quotes are very different. Large particle carbon black has a lower chroma and a different background color than small particle carbon black.

3、 Classification and application scale of carbon black in general.

SRF carbon black is commonly used in garbage bags that do not require strong color, high hiding power or UV maintenance. Colors tend to be gray-blue, quotes are cheap, and are relatively easy to disperse, so small manufacturers of masterbatches that are equipped with single or twin screw extruders will pick this carbon black. The particle size of HAF carbon black is half that of SRF carbon black particles, but its color intensity is twice that of SRF carbon black particles.

4、 Activity is better.

The third element that determines the quality of black masterbatch is rheology and activity. If a masterbatch itself has outstanding dispersibility, but it can not move into the material to be molded guess, it is also not the role of the production. In general, the base resin used to produce the masterbatch has a higher rheology. In order to save costs, some masterbatches produced commercial materials, scraps or recycled materials used as resin carriers.

5、 Compatibility is great.

Compatibility Resolution The fourth element of black masterbatch quality. If the masterbatch is produced using chips or recycled material, it can be rich in contaminants or other non-meltable polymers. This will lead to some unforeseen and hard-to-tether troubles, wasting the moment and material of the end consumers. At this time, primers can be used to produce high-quality masterbatch, which has excellent compatibility during melting.

6. Dispersion is higher.

Black masterbatch is produced using carbon black. Raw carbon black is a very difficult to handle and a mixture of plutonium, it is covered with dust, light weight, loose. Unless you choose a large-scale disposal method, it will dirty machines and workers and make the working environment become paralyzed. Because of this, the casters have been selecting the pre-dispersion of the carbon black over a resin carrier, that is, a black masterbatch.

7、 Masking power is stronger.

The second factor in determining the quality of the black masterbatch is the hiding power. This factor is particularly important for masterbatches used in scrap or recycled polymers. In these cases, the role of black is to cover up the guesswork. Other colors. The color of large-particle carbon black is poor, and it is not easy to cover up all other colors on the grass. The result is only a deviation from the end color.

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