Hygienic/Food Grade Black Masterbatch

What is the H ygienic /Food Grade Black Masterbatch Hygienic/food grade black masterbatch adopt high quality imported carbon black, virgin polyethylene as the resin and the imported dispersant. All the raw materials audited by the Hygienic or the food inspection report, such as SGS, ROHS, FDA....

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What is the Hygienic/Food Grade Black Masterbatch

Hygienic/food grade black masterbatch adopt high quality imported carbon black, virgin polyethylene as the resin and the imported dispersant. All the raw materials audited by the Hygienic or the food inspection report, such as SGS, ROHS, FDA.

Technical Data:

 Hygienic/Food Grade Black Masterbatch





Carbon Black Content


Carbon Black Type






The advantages for Hygienic/food grade black masterbatch:

1. High blackness, high brightness, uniform dispersion, strong tinting strength.

2. Excellent physical stability and performance. 

3. Harmless to health and friendly to environment.

4. Great dispersion, smooth, no flow line, no block, no spot.

5. Non-toxic, pass USA FDA certificate

Applications for Hygienic/food grade black masterbatch:

Milk film, lunch boxes, drinking water tube, sanitary napkin, diaper, stretch film, food packaging film, etc

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Ratio of Dosage

Its according to the customers’ requirement of the product.

The recommend ratio of dosage is 2%-5%, and 10% for the special products.

Packaging & Delivery:

1. Net weight: 25kg/bags.
2. kraft bags or the PE Wave bags.
3. Customerized packaging.
4. Sutible for sea transpportation

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