Recycled Plastic Black Color Masterbatch

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Recycled Plastic Black Color Masterbatch

Masterbatch, widely used for plastic coloring, is a kind of coloring agent product with high concentration of plastic pigment. It can be used directly and is a main method for plastic coloring. Just mix masterbatch with resin with special proportion. Then it can be directly used for plastic products processing.

Except basic ingredients, some customized masterbatch will also add into lubricant, antioxidant and so on to make multi-functional color masterbatch to requirements of our special customers.

Application includes blown film, sheet, plate, hollow plate, bottle blowing, pipe, wire and cable, wire drawing, cutlery, stretch film, non-woven, pearl cotton, injection molding and so on.

Black carbon masterbatch data:

Test Target


Carbon black content


          CaCO3 Content


          Color Intensity




Particle Size










                Adding Ratio




25kgs Paper-Plastic Compound Bag, compound woven bag or customized by Clients. 

Plastic black masterbatch advantages:

a. Bright color, better tinting strength

b. Ensure masterbatch uniform distribution in the polyolefin resin processing, keep physics performance of the thing itself

c. Good machining property, more smooth surface

d. Better hiding power, dispersibility, flowability and compatibility

Company information:

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Packing & Shipping:

Packing of masterbatch: 25kgs Paper-Plastic Compound Bag, compound woven bag or customized by Clients. 
Shipped in 7 days after payment

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