What Are The Types Of Black Masterbatch?

What Are The Types Of Black Masterbatch?
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What are the types of black masterbatch? Black masterbatch is generally divided into the following types:


   1. Advanced Injection Black Masterbatch: Can be used in black cosmetic plastic packaging boxes, plastic toys, electrical enclosures and other advanced products.


   2. Ordinary injection of black masterbatch: For general black plastic products for daily use, industrial plastic containers.


   3. Advanced blown film black masterbatch: Used for blowing coloring of ultra-thin products, such as black plastic bags, black plastic films and so on

    4. Ordinary blown film black masterbatch: It is used for blowing plastic coloring of general black plastic bags and woven bags.

   5. Spinning black masterbatch: It is used for spinning black textile fiber spinning, pigment masterbatch fine, high concentration, strong coloring, good heat and light resistance.


   6. Low-grade black masterbatch: For the low-grade products that black manufacture does not require high quality of color, such as trash, low-level containers.


    7. Special black masterbatch: It is a masterbatch manufactured by using the same plastic as the carrier according to the user's designated plastic type for the product. Such as PP color masterbatch, ABS masterbatch were selected PP, ABS as a carrier. General Color Masterbatch: A resin (usually a low melting point PE) is also used as a carrier, but it may be suitable for coloration of other resins than its carrier resin.

   8. Universal black masterbatch: Universal masterbatch is relatively simple and convenient, but has many disadvantages. It is recommended that the user choose a special masterbatch. The heat-resistance grade of the special masterbatch is generally compatible with the plastic used for the product, and it can be used safely at normal temperature. Only in the following circumstances will cause varying degrees of discoloration, one is the temperature exceeds the normal range, one is too long downtime.


  9. Black mother coloring has the following advantages over granulation coloring:


 9.1. Coloring and processing of finished products can be completed at one time, avoiding the coloration of plastics and heating the plastics, which is beneficial to the quality of plastic products.


 9.2. Minimize the production process of plastic products.


 9.3. Save a lot of energy


As the pigments directly contact the air during storage and use, moisture absorption, oxidation, clumping, etc. may occur. The direct use will cause color spots on the surface of the plastic products, the hue will be dark, the color will be easily faded, and the color will be mixed. Dust dust, affecting the health of operators. The masterbatch has undergone mechanical processing during the production process. The pigment has been refined and the pigment and resin carrier and dispersant have been fully mixed to isolate the pigment from air and moisture, thereby enhancing the weather resistance of the pigment and improving the The pigment's dispersibility and coloring power, bright hue. Since the color masterbatch and the resin particles are similar in shape, they are more convenient and accurate in metering, and do not adhere to the container when mixed, thereby saving the time for cleaning the container and the machine and the raw materials used for the cleaning.

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