Biodegradable Carbon Black Masterbatch Plastic

The carton masterbatch high black, bright, easy to disperse, can achieve high light mirror effect. Environmental protection, non-toxic, smoke-free, tasteless. Surface products smooth glossy and coloring color stability, toughness, and will not appear color and color and other phenomena.

Product Details

Manufacturing customized biodegradable carbon black masterbatch plastic, we are well-known among those famous such suppliers in China, welcome to purchase biodegradable black masterbatch from us.

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Black Masterbatch Description:

As for the difficulty to disperse of carton black ,we use the organic toughening dispersant to make a special process and modification ,It reduces the surface energy of the oleophilic carbon black particles and weakens the force between the carton black particles, which an fully open the aggregates of carton black ,And also ,the preferred dispersants can help the diffusion of carton black,which can make fine particles of carton black get to a unform distribution ,solve the difficulty of dispersal and ensure the quality of our products.  

Black Masterbatch Data:

NameBiodegradable Carbon Black Masterbatch Plastic
ComponentPigment, carrier
Pigment content30~50%
MFI ( g/10min )2~15
Density ( g/cm3)1.2~1.3
Migration resistance≥4
Adding ration1~5%
ApplicationBlow molding, film blowing, injection molding, etc.
Payment termsTT , LC etc.
Delivery timeLess than 7 days
Packing25Kg per paper bag or plastic bag, or customized
MOQ1 ton
StorageKeep the products in a dry, ventilated place, Note to avoid moisture and insolation, rain and breakage in transportation.

Black Masterbatch Advantages:

1. Choose the high quality carbon black with steady properties.
2.Use the organic toughening dispersant, processed and modified by special technology.
3. Good dispersion. The optimized dispersant help the carbon black to spread.
4. Good dyeing property, high brightness, high temperature resistance and good stability.
5. Conform with the International health standard.
6. The content of carbon black customized as customer's requirements.



Mix with the raw material , the addition amount depends on the requirment of the final product.

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