Color Concentrate Granule For Plastic Processing

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Color concentrate granule for plastic processing

A color masterbatch, or color concentrate, is a granule used for coloring thermoplastics. It consists of one or more colorants and a polymer-specific carrier resin. The composition of a color masterbatch is called its recipe.

Colorants are classified into several categories: organic dyes, organic pigments and inorganic pigments.

Dyes are soluble in plastics and can therefore be used for transparent coloration. Pigments remain in their original particle form inside the plastic and need to be dispersed within the plastic.

We can change the pigment content based on a customer’s requirements.

A color masterbatch may contain up to 35% pigment. In the subsequent production process, the colorant is introduced into the melted plastic.

AppearanceCylindrical shape, uniform particles and coloring
Melting indexes(g/10 min)2~40
DispersivenessNo color spots or spots, strips melting
Light & weather fastnessLevel 5-7
Dosage0.5% - 6%
Pigment content10%-35%, customized
Color strength95-105%
Moisture (Water content)< 0.15%

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