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Color Masterbatch for plastic

Color Masterbatch is colored concentrates, which is used to impart certain physical or chemical properties to products. It is generally available in pellet form, and also can be found in liquid form. It is basically a mixture of pigments or additives that is encapsulated during a heat process and changed into a carrier resin which is cooled & cut in granular shape. It allows the producer to color raw polymers economically during plastics manufacturing process. Color masterbatch finds application in wide array of industries such as automotive, packaging, building & construction, consumer goods & appliances, etc

Color pigment, popularly known as Color Masterbatch is a special polymer coloring element, which consists of dyes or pigments, additives and carriers. Color masterbatch is mostly used for plastics to get the desired color effect in the plastic product. Color masterbatch at the same time increases the functionality to plastics thereby accelerating the product design  and development. We have over thousands of color shades in our database which helps customers to get the exact color they are looking for.

Color masterbatchhas to enhance the pigment dispersion, increase the pigment color strength and gloss, and make products enhance, toughening, Color Masterbatch and can significantly improve the process of product stability and physical properties. Color Masterbatch uniform, bright color, strong coloring, good dispersion, stable performance, good weather resistance. Stable quality, popular at home and abroad.

Color Masterbatch is widely used in industry, masterbatch for bag plastic,it can be applied to plastic pipe profiles, buckle boards, woven bags, blown film, foaming, etc., but the role of plastic additives is large, particle additives have been able to meet the requirements of the workshop, Color Masterbatch according to the actual process requirements, powder plastic additives also in the production of plastic, whitening agent in the plastic additives can better let the plastic molecule arrangement, to achieve whitening brightening effect, to make up for the particle specific process defects

Now the plastic products are used color masterbatchcoloring and  its advantages

1. Color masterbatch is very convenient to use, not too complicated process, and easy to save.

2. Its own has a very good stability, can achieve uniform coloring, but also to improve the quality of plastic products.

3. Color masterbatch safe and healthy, the human body and the environment have no effect, but also can be made of functional masterbatch use

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