HDPE Industrial Jerry Cans And Drums Used Masterbatch

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HDPE industrial jerry cans and drums used masterbatch

The High Density Polyethylene Industrial Jerry Cans and Drums provide the perfect solution for reliable and secured packaging, storing and distribution during transportation. It is designed with good stackability features as well as leak-proof airtight and safety seals which ensure non contamination of content to the users. It has a strong body to withstand impact during handing. In short a user-friendly and reliable product suitable for all industries.

Jerry Cans & Drums can come in any colour, in addition to the standard colour available depending on a minimum order quantity. 

Polymer color masterbatch:

Plastic colour masterbatch is a polyolefin masterbatch with high-quality pigment used in jerry cans and drums etc. It can well maitain the chemical stability of pigments and other additives eith good color reproduction, pifment homodisperse, less plastic degra dation,easy poeration and environmrntal decontamination.

Advantages of Pigment masterbatch:

a. more economic and abundant colouring,

b. plastic is more resistant than coatings and enamels,

c. no anticorrosion protection required,

d. colour can not be removed by minor mechanical damage.

Pigment masterbatch data sheet:

IndexPlastic compound masterbatch
CarrierPE, PP
Pigment content10~75%
Heat resistance180~300℃
Melt index2~40g/10min
Light resistance≥4
Water content≤0.15%
Adding ratio2-8%

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