Masterbatch Application In Plastics Processing Industry

Masterbatch Application In Plastics Processing Industry
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      Nowadays, the use of plastic products in various industries is becoming more and more extensive. Technical personnel introduce that color masterbatch eliminates the pollution caused by dust emission in plastic processing, improves the production environment, and contributes to the dispersion of colorants and the consistency of color. This has brought benefits to improving product quality and equipment utilization, and has been increasingly favored by users.

      The following is a brief introduction of the application of masterbatches in the plastics processing industry:

1. Application of masterbatch in packaging film: plastic film is soft and transparent, and its performance is due to the composite film of metal and paper can meet the barrier properties of various materials, and the small density can reduce the weight of the package for transport, but also has a certain strength And aesthetics, so plastic packaging materials have replaced the traditional packaging materials. Masterbatch is used in a large amount in polyethylene blown film. According to different resins using different processing conditions, the masterbatch of the total requirements for good dispersion, less impurities, no discoloration, bright colors.

2. Application of color masterbatch in cast composite film: Cast film has characteristics of good plasticization, smooth surface and good mechanical strength. Its processing temperature is high, so the pigment used in the masterbatch is required to have good heat resistance and does not migrate.

3. Application of color masterbatch in plastic sheet: The main colors of plastic products are transparent and all kinds of white, but there are also a small amount of ivory yellow, brown color masterbatch in the plastic sheet to be evenly dispersed, can not have Impurities and moisture.

4. Application of Masterbatches in Packaging Containers (Hollow Blow Molding): The use of masterbatch in the hollow blow molding process should be considered in its processing and application, and special attention should be paid to the dispersibility, heat resistance, and chemical resistance of the pigments. , light resistance, toxicity and other properties.

5. Application of masterbatch in foam molding process: The process, such as direct coloring with pigments, will produce a large number of pores on the surface of the product after foaming, thus affecting the value of the product. At present, a large amount of masterbatch has been used to become the application of masterbatch. New category. During use, attention should be paid to the dispersibility of the masterbatch, and there should be no impurities in the masterbatch.

6, color masterbatch in the injection molding process applications: a variety of different plastic molding temperature is different, for this reason the masterbatch pigment requirements are not the same. In the use of injection molding, attention should be paid to the dispersibility of the masterbatch, and carriers with good compatibility should be used.

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