PE PP Color Pigment Concentrate Masterbatch For Plastic

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PE PP color pigment concentrate masterbatch for plastic


Plastic colour masterbatch is a polyolefin masterbatch with high-quality pigment used in blown film, injection molding, blow molding etc. It can well maitain the chemical stability of pigments and other additives eith good color reproduction, pifment homodisperse, less plastic degra dation,easy poeration and environmrntal decontamination.

We color process:

1. New demand of blown masterbatch is received from customer; 

    Customer's sample can be molded, standard masterbatch and pantone card.

    Color resin type,production equipment, outdoor or indoor use,are specified.

2. Confirming sample is made as per customer's sample and requirements, and is sent to customer within 2-3 working days.

3. After sample color and performance are confirmed by customer,we would arrange for bulk production.

Masterbatch granules specification:

IndexPlastic compound masterbatch
Pigment content10~75%
Heat resistance180~300℃
Melt index2~40g/10min
Light resistance≥4
Water content≤0.15%
Adding ratio2-8%

Color Masterbatch Company profile:

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Packing & Shipping:

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