Plastic Color Masterbatch

Masterbatch is composed with excessive chemistry accessory ingredient, carrier resin and dispersants. Color masterbatch is made of ultra quantity of pigments which carries evenly in the resin.

Product Details

Plastic color masterbatch

Colour masterbatch has the best overall performance among the other alternatives. It is a polymer with high concentrated colourants contained in the resin homogeneously. When added with different additives and materials, various types of masterbatch could be produced, such as anti-static masterbatch, heat resistance masterbatch, filler masterbatch, conducting masterbatch, anti-bacterial masterbatch and others with agriculture purposes.

Pigment Masterbatch is mainly composed by colourant, carrier and dispersing agent:

Colourant: It is the major ingredient in the masterbatch and is selected according to the particular nature of plastic.

Carrier: It allows colourant distribute more evenly and provides the pellet shape for the masterbatch.

Dispersion Agent: Its main function is to moisture the surface of the colourants, thus allowing better dispersion and stability inside the resin. In general, dispersing agent is a polyethylene wax. 

Plastic masterbatch is simple to use: with a right amount of masterbatch mixed with the plastic material in the mixing machine for around 3 minutes, and getting dried according to the requirements, the material will be ready to be directly processed. If suitable carrier and additive are used, masterbatch could be applied in various processed, e.g. blow moulding, injection, extrusion and etc.

Chemical Masterbatch not only brightens up the plastic materials with miscellaneous range of colours, it also has other advantages:

- Stability, high chance of preserving the original colour

- Fast colour change

- Environmental friendly

- Good dispersion

- Less effect on the resin properties

- Low scrape rate

- Lower cost

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