Plastic Masterbatch, Plastic Masterbatch Use Matters Needing Attention

Plastic Masterbatch, Plastic Masterbatch Use Matters Needing Attention
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The use of masterbatch is very simple, as long as a certain ratio and fully mixed with plastic resin, with a variety of different plastic processing technology requirements, extrusion molding can be.

It should be noted that when changing the color, the hopper must be cleaned, and the remaining material in the barrel of the machine should be rinsed with the original color plastic or with a screw cleaning agent. Replace the new filter mesh. * Use a filter with more than 100 meshes; note whether the temperature is Correct to prevent color from changing


General problems and treatment methods when coloring plastic products

1. Product surface granulation:

Main reasons: 1 The barrel and die have impurities; 2 The temperature is not correct; 3 raw material in the barrel heating residence time is too long; 4 color mother or toner dispersion is not handled well; 5 filter mesh has been perforated.

Treatment method: Adjust the temperature of the press to 10-20°C lower than the normal temperature, start the press, and use the primary color plastic resin to re-clear at a slow speed. If necessary, remove the die and clean it, and adjust the temperature. Replace the filter. Use a well-distributed masterbatch or toner to re-commission.

2. Non-uniform diffusion:

Main reasons: 1 uneven mixing; 2 inappropriate temperature; 3 poor compatibility of masterbatch and raw materials; 4 poor plasticizing effect of the press itself;

Treatment method: Mix thoroughly, adjust the temperature properly, replace the masterbatch or raw material, replace the other machine, and adjust the ratio of masterbatch dispensing.

3. Frequent breaks

Main reasons: 1 The temperature is not correct; 2 raw material affinity is poor; 3 masterbatch dispersion is too bad; 4 color masterbatch ratio is too high.

Treatment methods: adjust the temperature accurately, replace the raw materials used, replace the excellent masterbatch, and reduce the proportion of masterbatch.

4. The color has changed:

Main reasons: 1 The background color of the raw materials used is inconsistent; 2 The machine is not clean; 3 The temperature of the masterbatch or toner used is low; When the temperature is too high, it is achromatic; 4 The door is not clean; 5 The process is changed 6 Color masterbatch or toner itself has a color difference; 7 water mix with improper material; 8 Mixer is not clean or mixing time is not well controlled.

Treatment method: Use the same raw materials as the color when the board is used and adjust the proportion of the outlet material; clean the plastic machine, the feeding door and the mixer thoroughly; use the proper color masterbatch or toner with suitable temperature resistance and color Use a stable process.

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