Plastic Packaging Used Colour Concentrate Masterbatch

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Plastic packaging used colour concentrate masterbatch

Masterbatch is an environmentally friendly colour concentrate or a concentrate of additives, used for colouring and improving the characteristics of polymeric materials in line with the requirements of the final product.

Colouring is carried out by the application of organic and non-organic pigments free of heavy metals. Production of masterbatches is based on the usage of pigment, having a specific feature of protecting materials from weather and light, as well as the exceptional ability of dyeing and covering. For this reason we find masterbatches in all areas of everyday life.

Manufacturing process is a mixture of pigments and additives that are streamlined through the heat process with the appropriate polymer carrier into a liquid mass and pellet after cooling in the granular form. Masterbatches are products that have almost completely replaced all other techniques of colouring or changing properties of polymeric materials.

Advantages of Pigment masterbatch:

a. more economic and abundant colouring,

b. plastic is more resistant than coatings and enamels,

c. no anticorrosion protection required,

d. colour can not be removed by minor mechanical damage.

Application of plastic color masterbatch:

a. Colouring or changing of other properties of polymeric materials,

b. In technologies of polymer processing, injection, extrusion, blowing, pressing, calendaring, etc.,

c. In all industries: automotive, packaging, construction, agricultural, electric and electronic, households, etc.

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Storage of masterbatches:

Masterbatches are not sensitive to aging, low or high temperature or moisture, except in case it condenses itself on the material in wet or cold rooms.

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