Plastic Pigment Masterbatch

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Plastic pigment masterbatch

The Masterbatch, known as Master or colourant, is described as a high concentrated mixture of colour pigments and additives dispersed in a polymer, pellet shaped.

The percentage of pigment or additive in the Masterbatch is higher than the percentage of the final product. Presenting the Masterbatch in a pellet shape ensures a high degree of security in the process, higher than other substances in powder, paste or liquid form, and it also reduces drastically the pollution.

Advantages of colour master batch:

There are many advantages regarding the use of a high quality Master batch

– Easy handling and weighing. As the Masterbatch is presented in a granular form, its handling is simple and clean.

– The dosage can be done automatically as the Masterbatch does not stick to the walls of the hopper.

– The result is a great uniformity of the color due to an excellent pigment dispersion.

– Neatness and cleanliness. The Masterbatch, unlike the power form or liquid pigments, doesn’t stain or produces dusty environment. In this way, we work in a clean and non-polluted area.

– Less humidity absorption. Contrary to the powdered pigments, the masters tend to have a reduction of the humidity absorption due to the pigments encapsulation in the polymer matrix.

Masterbatch manufacturer:

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