The Role Of Masterbatch In Plastic Hot Water Pipe

The Role Of Masterbatch In Plastic Hot Water Pipe
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   Hot water pipes, that is, heating pipes, pipes that transmit steam or hot water to increase the indoor air temperature, usually the materials used in domestic hot water pipes are metal, and the plastic materials used are mostly PPO (polyphenylene ether plastic). PPO has high resistance. Heat, heat distortion temperature up to 190 ° Water resistance and water vapor resistance is excellent, very suitable for use as a hot water pipe, and not as fast as metal heat like hot. High tensile strength and creep resistance, not easily deformed. PPO is often used to make high-temperature electrical insulation materials. The quality requirements of water pipes are very high. They must be non-toxic and non-polluting and require no chemical deterioration of water quality.


The role of masterbatch in hot water pipes is:


1, to enhance the durability of plastic pipe, anti-aging, can effectively strengthen the hot water buried under the ground to save longer life.


2. Adding masterbatch during the processing of hot water pipe products can effectively improve the appearance of the quality and smoothness, thereby avoiding the plastic pipe from peeling.


3, color masterbatch can quickly color plastic pipe, its coloring has environmental effects, will not cause any pollution of water quality

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