Plastic Desiccant Masterbatch For Plastic Product

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Plastic desiccant masterbatch for plastic product

DESICCANT MASTERBATCH also called Dry Agent Masterbatch/Moisturer Absorber Masterbatch/Water Absorption Masterbatch/Antifoaming Masterbatch which is widely used in Recycled PE/PP plastic raw materials;As we know,the recycled raw materials contain moisture has a serious impact for plastic manufacture,normally the companies dry the recycled raw materials with drying equipments which is a great waster of energy and increase the production cost;The bubble,moire fringe,crack,stain etc will be solved by adding efficient Desiccant Masterbatch without any other adjustment of the production processing.

Moisture absorber masterbatch-physical property:

ITEMDesiccant Masterbatch
AppearanceWhite,Grey White,Grey
 Water Absorption 20%(min)
 Validity 12-48hours


We are professional manufacturer of Filler masterbatch, Color masterbatch, Carbon Black Masterbatch in China;The main producer of Desiccant Masterbatch /Moisture Absorber Masterbatch for Recycled PE/PP Raw Materials.

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Antifoaming masterbatch package:

5kg/bag, 5bag/25kg/carton

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Manufacturing customized plastic desiccant masterbatch for plastic product, we are well-known among those famous such suppliers in China, welcome to purchase plastic desiccant masterbatch for plastic product from us.