CaCO3 Filler Additive Masterbatch Granules

Filler CaCo3 masterbatch is a PP and PE based masterbatch containing activated ultrafina calcium carbonate with dispersant,plasticizer, antidegradants and kinds of auxuliary agent.We are masterbatch factory ,so our masterbatch granual is Cost-effective.

Product Details

Manufacturing customized CaCO3 filler additive masterbatch granules, we are well-known among those famous such suppliers in China, welcome to purchase CaCO3 filler additive masterbatch granules from us.

As a professional manufacturer of CaCO3 masterbatch for plastic industry with the production facilities in China, Shandong Zibo Holy specializes in manufacturing and global supply of calcium carbonate filler masterbatches. 

CaCO3 fller Masterbatch Description: 

This Product is a PP and PE based masterbatch containing activated ultrafina calcium carbonate with dispersant,plasticizer, antidegradants  and kinds of auxuliary agent,After repeated mixing and blending  made of oval granule by extruder ,it is applicable  to all types of PE resin filling and modification.

CaCO3 fller Masterbatch Data:

NameCaCO3 Filler Additive Masterbatch Granules
Filler content≤75%
MFI ( g/10min )2~15
Density ( g/cm3)1.6~1.7
Adding ration5~50%
ApplicationCasting, coating, film blowing, etc.
Payment termsTT , LC etc.
Delivery timeLess than 7 days after receive the advance payment
Packing25Kg compound woven bags, or customized
MOQ1 ton
StorageKeep the products in a dry, ventilated place. Note to avoid moisture and insolation, rain and breakage in transportation.

CaCO3 fller Masterbatch Advantages: 

1,Uniformly dispersed in the product good compatibility with plastics .

2,Size euivalent to the plastics,and good compatibility with plastic and high whiteness.

3,Maintain the mechanical properties of the plastic products .

4,Effectively improve the stability of product shape .

5,East to  use without changing the production process.

6.Greatly reduce the cost of production for the sddition amount.


Recommend ModelApplication
B20Used for the tarpaulin coating film and lamination film.
CX-8Especial for the casting film and coating film, such as hygienic film, disposable table cloth

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Established in 2000, Zibo Holy Masterbatch Co.,Ltd is one of the leading plastic masterbatch manufacturer in China, located in Eastern Chemical Zone of Zibo, Shandong, China. The premises cover production capacity of 50,000 tons annually, 11,000 square meters, 10 high intelligent and automatic production lines. The main products include the filler masterbatch, desiccant masterbatch and color masterbatch.


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