CaCO3 PP Filler Masterbatches For PP Applications

CaCO3 PP filler masterbatches for PP application Specifications •CaCO3 content (%) : 85(± 1.6) •CaCO3 average particle size (Micron) : 3.0 (± 0.3) •MFI (G/10Min) : 7.2(± 0.2) •Density (g/cm3) : 1.65(± 0.5) •Granule (granule/10g) : > 360 •Moisture (%) : <0.2 •Whiteness (standard) (%) : 86...

Product Details

CaCO3 PP filler masterbatches for PP application 


•CaCO3 content (%) : 85(± 1.6) 

•CaCO3 average particle size (Micron) : 3.0 (± 0.3) 

•MFI (G/10Min) : 7.2(± 0.2) 

•Density (g/cm3) : 1.65(± 0.5) 

•Granule (granule/10g) : > 360 

•Moisture (%) : <0.2 

•Whiteness (standard) (%) : 86 (±5) 

•PP80 is a compound of polymer resin, additives and Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) base, in which containing 85% of CaCO3 and 15% PP resin with some other additives 

•Item pp80 is used for PP woven sack, Bulk bags, non-woven, cement sacks, grain sacks, fertilizer bags; injection products 

• Item PP80 Filler masterbatch is used by mixing with virgin or recycled resin : Adding ratio ranges from 5% to 40% by weight depending on the specific product and it is adjusted based on specific production and technology conditions. 

•Processing method : Injection molding, extrusion, woven, non woven fabric... 

•Polymer compatibility : PP, PS, ABS...  

Advantages of the caco3 PP filler masterbatch for pp application

• Cost reduction of the finished products due to lower consumption quantity of the virgin 

• When finished products are of white color or of light shades, it is possible to reduce adding ratio of white color pigment (TiO2 masterbatch) reducing composition cost; 

• Due to high thermal conductivity of calcium carbonate polymer melt is hit and cooled faster, extrusion or injection cycle is reduce, output is increased. 

• Improvement of printability on finished product's surface 

• Suitable for making "Food contact use" bags, since it is not including any toxic and harmful substances to human health in its formula; 

• Vertical tearing resistance and tensile elongation strength of PP flat yarn (woven bags) are improved; 

• Anti-fibrillation of PP flat yarn; 

• Anti-slip effect of the PP yarn, cloth and bags; 

• Greater tensile strength of the yarn after stretching; 

• Yarn becomes stiff so that cloth and bags turn firmer and more stable.

The detail applications for CaCO3 PP filler masterbatches for PP applications

  1. Holy masterbatch caco3 pp filler masterbatch one item is special for the pp jumbo woven bags with the  caco3 powder mesh 1500, so it is used for the jumbo bags with the very good weight capacity. 

  2. Another item for the usual pp woven fabric bags.

  3. The item of caco3 pp filler masterbatch for the injection molding.

What is calcium carbonate filler masterbatch?

Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) filler masterbatch (or filler master batch) is a concentrated mixture of calcium carbonate and other additives encapsulated during a heat (mainly extrusion) process into a carrier polymer resin which is then cooled and cut into  granules (pellets) making CaCO3 masterbatch a solid additive for plastics. Since common CaCO3 MB was originally intended for filling plastics to replace a part of expensive carrier resin it is often called filler masterbatch or filler additive.Due to high filling ratio (concentration) of calcium carbonate in the polymer matrix it is also called calcium carbonate concentrate. Today advanced calcium carbonate concentrates not only fill but also impart other properties to (improve) plastics. In this case they rather act as functional additives than simply common fillers, and may be referred to as additive masterbatches.

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