Carbon Black Masterbatch For HDPE Film

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Carbon black masterbatch for HDPE film

Carbon black is a generic term for finely divided carbon. Carbon black is produced through the incomplete combustion of a petroleum feedstock. Under magnification, the composition of carbon black particles can be measured. The primary particles are measured in nanometers. The primary particled join through van der waals forces to form tightly bound clusters called aggregates. The size and shape of the aggregate defines the structure of the carbon black. A highly structured carbob black would be composed of many carbon black particles combined into a multi-branched aggregate. The aggregates loosely combine to form agglomerates.Particle size has a direct influence on performance properties. The particle sizes with typical ranges of 14~19 nanometers are used in the plastics industry. 

Black masterbatches are high concentrations of carbon black, typically 15 - 50% dispersed in thermoplastic resins which act as a carrier. Masterbatches and concentrates allow plastic processors to utilize carbon black in a pre-dispersed pellet form, allowing easy incorporation in extrusion and molding processes. These masterbatches are then incorporated into various polymers to impart properties such as color, UV resistance, and electrical or thermal conductivity.

Black Masterbatch can be produced in almost any thermoplastic resin. Typical markets which require large quantities of Black Masterbatch are: 

  • a. Blown Film 

  • b. Extrusion Coating

  • c. Pipe

  • d. Automotive Compounds

  • e. Wire and Cable

Carbon color masterbatch manufacturer:

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Black masterbatch packing and shipping:

N/W: 25kg/bag, paper-plastic bag, or customized

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