Detail The Specific Use Of Filled Masterbatch

Detail The Specific Use Of Filled Masterbatch
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   In this agricultural country, the annual use of plastic shed membranes reached more than 1.4 million tons, the annual demand for plastic film reached more than 600,000 tons, and the annual use of agricultural plastic products reached more than 3 million tons. China produces 3.6 million tons of plastic packaging materials each year, mainly including: 1. woven bags; 2. packaging belts and tying ropes; 3. turnover boxes; 4. hollow containers; 5. film bags; 6. films; 7. foam plastics; 8. Net pocket; 9. Hose; 10. Composite irrigation and other plastic production.

Plastic masterbatch is one of the most important forms of plastic additives used in the world today.


The masterbatch consists of a carrier resin, fillers and various additives. The limit of the adjuvant in the masterbatch or the content of the filler is several to ten times higher than the requirement in the actual plastic product. In the process of forming, the proportion of the masterbatch and the matrix resin must be adjusted according to the content of the relevant components in the masterbatch and the amount of the actual product to be added. Masterbatch can usually be divided into ordinary filling masterbatch and functional masterbatch, such as masterbatch, anti-droplet masterbatch and so on. The main component of the filled masterbatch is the filler, which is mainly used for the processing and molding of polyolefins, and it is also a polyolefin-filled masterbatch.


The composition of polyolefin filled masterbatch is composed of three parts: carrier resin, filler and various additives. Fillers accounted for 90% of them. Polyethylene, polypropylene and other polyolefin plastics are produced with polyolefin-filled masterbatches. For example: polyethylene hollow blow molding products, polyethylene injection molding products and polyethylene film, polypropylene woven bags, woven fabrics and packing tapes are all polyolefin filling masterbatch. When selecting raw and auxiliary materials for olefin-filled masterbatch, it is considered that its use performance is good and its cost is low.

The filling masterbatch contains a large concentration of fillers and auxiliaries. When used, a certain amount of matrix resin must be added and mixed to form the filler. The filler plays a filling role. Fillers and additives can play a special function of plastic products, such as: light, flame-retardant, electricity, degradation, etc., are called functional filling masterbatch. The masterbatch, light conversion masterbatch, high-efficiency insulation film masterbatch, anti-droplet masterbatch, and degradable masterbatch are all functional filling masterbatches.


The resin component or matrix in which the reinforcing fibers are dispersed with fibers or other reinforcing materials is a masterbatch. Every year, China produces more than 21 million tons of plastics. It is a big plastics country in the world today. Each year, at least 2.1 million tons of various plastic products are derived from ultrafine minerals.

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