Fill Masterbatch Specific Function And Use Characteristics

Fill Masterbatch Specific Function And Use Characteristics
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Filled masterbatch allows the plastic product to have better performance, including some characteristics, in the product manufacturing, and thus can provide better product sales. Of course, the scope and characteristics of the functional masterbatch also need to understand.


Fill masterbatch, the main feature is to add to the PP, PE, the impact of its transparency, can fieldsbe widely used in films, sheets, tubes, containers and other . If used in a PE film, a suitable amount of addition can improve the transparency of the HDPE film and have little effect on the transparency of the LDPE film. At the same time, it has a very good surface finish and balanced mechanical properties. These are unmatched by the existing ordinary filling masterbatch. It can be predicted that the emergence of this filled masterbatch will have a greater impact on the plastic filling and its downstream application areas.


(1) Transparency is good, and the added amount of 30 transmittance still reaches 90% or more


(2) The loss of mechanical properties is very small, which can basically maintain the main mechanical properties of the raw materials


(3) no need to change the original equipment, process conditions


(4) Can reduce product cost by 5-10% or more



The masterbatch is directly mixed with the plastic raw material and can be processed and produced. It is generally recommended to add 5% to 30%, but also according to specific requirements to select the appropriate ratio to add.


Storage conditions:

In clean and ventilated, dry

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