High Light Plastic Injection Molding Assistant - Barium Sulfate Filler

High Light Plastic Injection Molding Assistant - Barium Sulfate Filler
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Product Details

Nano-barium sulfate filled masterbatch, good performance after adding the product to solve the problem of high-gloss products can not add filler, is the addition of high-light products assistant, but also for manufacturers of high-gloss products to provide greater profit margins and market competitiveness .




Excellent dispersion: to ensure that the product has better mechanical processing characteristics.


Stable plasticization performance: The barium sulfate masterbatch produced by our company has been tested through simulated plasticity and disperse blown film, in order to provide customers with 100% high quality and stable products.


Cost savings: The lower price and energy-saving features of this master batch result in a significant reduction in product production costs. The heating temperature is lowered by 5-10 degrees depending on the processing conditions.


Quality sense: It has little effect on product performance, high light transmittance, smooth feel, and better printing performance.

The ideal additive: non-toxic, non-irritating, delicate, good plasticization, uniform particle size, does not affect the mechanical properties, and is superior to ordinary additives. The transverse tear strength of the customer's product is not significantly reduced, and the tensile strength during processing is improved; the heat resistance, load bearing capacity, and penetration resistance of the product are improved; the shrinkage rate of the ABS/PP injection molded product can be significantly improved, and the high light brightness is maintained.


Add ratio


Typical addition ratio of injection molding products: 20%-30% filler + ABS/PP, the added product brightness will not be significantly reduced; low-pressure blown film products added 25% -35%, does not affect the printing, add products and new There is no significant difference in the material comparison (the specific amount added can be selected by each manufacturer depending on the physical and mechanical properties of the product)

Scope of application


This product is mainly applicable to all kinds of ABS/PP high-gloss plastic injection molding products, also applicable to blown film of polyolefin (LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE), and will not cause extra loss to the production equipment. The amount of filling is greater and the product performance is superior.


Barium sulphate filler is a high-tech company that uses nano-powders after multiple surface activation and 20% of carrier resin and other additives to blend and blend. The nanopowder can be uniformly dispersed in the filled masterbatch due to the special and effective surface treatment. After adding the product, the mechanical strength index of the product can be greatly improved, exceeding the level of the normal filled masterbatch, and the electron microscope analysis fully confirms. The product has the advantage of performance. Therefore, barium sulfate filler is an add-on assistant for high-gloss plastic injection molding.



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