How To Solve The Problem Of Masterbatch Dispersion And Precipitation

How To Solve The Problem Of Masterbatch Dispersion And Precipitation
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   Whether filling masterbatch, masterbatch, or other functional masterbatch such as defoamer masterbatch, the dispersion of masterbatch is always the primary issue and is of utmost importance. When our customers choose the masterbatch, the first consideration is the quality of the masterbatch dispersion, followed by the performance of the masterbatch on the product itself and the price factor. Manufacturers of master batches, regardless of the level of technology, are very clear that as long as the selection of better dispersing aids and carriers, the use of a large enough amount, then the dispersion problem is not a problem, but also do not worry about the accompanying additives and other defects, Of course, the cost is also very impressive. In the current masterbatch market environment, the price of masterbatch has been weakened for a long time and the market competition is fierce. The customer's demand is becoming more and more critical. This presents a dilemma for many masterbatch manufacturers. First, masterbatch such as EBS, high-end PE wax, etc. is used to produce masterbatches. The dispersion and performance of the masterbatch satisfy the customer's requirements, but the cost cannot be reduced. Acceptance is low; Second, the use of stearic acid, paraffin wax, low-end PE wax and other additives to produce masterbatch, the cost is relatively low, the price is easy for customers to accept, but the dispersion effect is not ideal (white spots, lines, spots, patterns , rough feel, etc.), low performance of masterbatch, precipitation of additives (products appear on the surface of powder) phenomenon frequently, poor masterbatch quality stability, customer's stability is also poor.


   So, is there a way to improve the dispersibility of masterbatch, eliminate the phenomenon of analysis, increase the cost, and even reduce the cost? This has been difficult in the past, but since the advent of compound dispersants dedicated to solving the problem of masterbatch dispersion, this problem has been relatively easy to solve.

The composite dispersant has multiple effects such as dispersion, lubrication, and coupling, overcoming the traditional dispersants (such as stearic acid, PE wax, and stearate, etc.) having a relatively single function, unsatisfactory dispersion effect, and unstable quality of the master batch product. Such drawbacks can more effectively improve the dispersion of the masterbatch; at the same time, the composite dispersant does not produce the phenomenon of precipitation such as stearic acid, and the price is relatively low, which is equivalent to the price of low-end PE waxes. Comparing with the genuine EBS production masterbatch experiment, the comprehensive dispersion performance of the composite dispersant exceeds EBS.

   In the masterbatch formulation, the auxiliary agent is mainly composed of a composite dispersant (addition ratio is adjusted between 3 and 6% according to cost and quality requirements), and then some other lower-end additives (such as paraffin and zinc stearate) are added. Etc.) Make up the amount. This not only ensures that the masterbatch has excellent dispersibility, but also solves the precipitation defect, but the cost does not rise, and even on the original basis can be reduced by about 5 to 10% or more.

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