Masterbatch Performance And Quality Requirements

Masterbatch Performance And Quality Requirements
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Polypropylene is a pure hydrocarbon, which contains tertiary carbon atoms in the molecular chain, which is heated, and easily cleaves at the tertiary carbon atom after exposure to light, which deteriorates the polypropylene's character, and thus requires the masterbatch to be made to spin at high temperature. It is easy to spread, does not destroy the fiber character, does not fade the fiber, has excellent light resistance, abrasion resistance, solvent resistance, and can afford harsh spinning drafts.

(1) The most basic requirements for pigments selected for heat-resistance masterbatch are that they can withstand the temperatures in the polypropylene fiber production process, linking the firmness of their properties. Temperature temperature is usually required to be 270 ~ 280 °C or more.

(2) Pigments for evacuating color masterbatch should be well-dispersed and should be evacuated symmetrically in the masterbatch

, and the evacuation agent used should not degrade the character of the polypropylene fiber. Otherwise, it is not possible to produce good-quality pigmented fibers, and the operation is not stable. When the fibers are drawn, they are easily broken or produce very fibers.

(3) Brightness Polypropylene stock solution has a variety of uses for coloring, and it is used in bed base fabrics and knitted fabrics. Because organic pigments are bright and beautiful and easy to color, organic pigments are used for these applications.

(4) Lightfastness Some pigments have a photosensitizing effect due to light, which causes discoloration and brittleness of colored fibers. The lightfastness of pigments is fundamentally related to its chemical layout, so that it is necessary to enrich the lightfastness of fine pigments when making masterbatches. When light and lightfast pigments are used as necessary, ultraviolet light absorbers can be added.

(5) The pigments used in the stable masterbatch should have excellent stability to the colored polypropylene fibers. That is, the pigmented fiber polymer does not react with the fiber when it naps between heat, light, or high temperature for a long time, and a new chemical group is formed to make the performance of the polymer lower. Therefore, the masterbatch should be made of pure pigments, free from impurities such as iron, copper, and lead salts, and the physical properties of the colored polypropylene fibers should be excellent.

(6) Water resistance, dry-cleaning resistance, oil resistance, and the use of colored polypropylene fiber finished products must be washed or solvent-washed. It is necessary to make it into oil. When it is used in carpets, it is used. Colorant should have excellent washability, dry cleaning resistance, oil resistance.

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