2018 Top Quality Transparent Filler Masterbatch

2018 Top Quality Transparent Filler Masterbatch
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Product Details

Product name: NaSO4 filler masterbatch for 2018 top quality transparent filler masterbatch

Product items: At present we have Item G-1AT, G-1A, G-1C for sodium sulfate filler masterbatch to satisfy the different requirments from the market. Especial the item G-1AT with the fine naso4 powder mesh 2000u is widely and used for the film blowing with the very good transparency. 

Products datas: the sodium sulfate filler masterbatch is composed by the  powder naso4 powder and the carrier/polymer PE. For the three items there are some difference for the powder mesh from 800 to 2000 as the different application, and also some diffrence for the content percentage both for the powder and the polymer. The details pls refer as the finnally the TDS. Thank you. 

The advantges for 2018 top quality transparent filler masterbatch:

The most advantage for naso4 filler masterbatch is the good transparency, and then its cost-effective to deduce the production cost for customers.

Applications for 2018 top quality transparent filler masterbatch

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  1. For film blowing: Both item G-1AT and item G-1A could be used in for film blowing. The adding ratio recommend from 5%-30%. For the three-layer co-extruded film for the middle layer could use 30% still keep the very good transparency of the film and also the good tension of the film.

  2. White or transparent pipes: Item G-1A or G-1C are big quality used for pipes. Its the cost-effetive items. There is a kind of pipes called the three-layer co-extruded pipes for the middle could used 40%.

  3. Injection molding parts: item G-1C is very cost-effective items is recommended used for some inejection molding parts for the cost reduce, keep the colors.

Packaging and Delivery for 2018 top quality transparent filler masterbatch

Packaging: 1. 25kgs per pp woven bags with the inner plastic bags;

                   2. the shipping marks is according to customers require;

Delivery: 1. the fast delivery time is 7 days after got the workable patment;

               2. 25tons/20'fcl without pallet or 20tons with pallet

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About Holy Masterbatch

Holy masterbatch have more than 10years experence for filler masterbatch manufacturing. Holy masterbaych started from a powder factory and then developed the caco3 filler masterbatch and the naso4 filler masterbatch. At present our products including the filler masterbatch and color masterbatch, and also have started the research for the 100% biodegradable masterbatch. Welcome you to visit our factory!

Market Development  for 2018 top quality transparent filler masterbatch

From the year 2016 Holy masterbatch start the foreign market devlopment. For Holy  transparent filler masterbatch was popular in the southeast market. We are ready to welcome more customers from all over the world. 

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Manufacturing customized 2018 top quality transparent filler masterbatch, we are well-known among those famous such suppliers in China, welcome to purchase 2018 top quality transparent filler masterbatch from us.