Sodium Sulfate Masterbatch

Sodium Sulfate Masterbatch
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Sodium sulphate filled masterbatch, appearance is white granular, uniform color, volatile matter content ≤ 0.2%, moisture: ≤ 0.1%, cleanliness: ≤ 2 (per thousand), slightly salty; suitable for thermoplastic polymer Olefins such as; PP, LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, EVA, TPR, recycled plastics, and the like. Such as: film, sheet, sheet, pipe, extrusion, injection molding, casting and so on. Good compatibility with these plastics, good compatibility with plastics and inorganic organic fillers.



product description


The tear strength of the sodium sulfate-filled masterbatch product is not significantly reduced, and the tensile strength during processing is improved; the heat resistance, load bearing capacity, and penetration resistance of the product are improved; and the stiffness and impact strength of the product itself are improved. It is used in foaming products to help with foaming and modifying functions. It is used in blown film to have opening agent function and antistatic function; to improve the printing and spraying performance of products; to significantly reduce the production cost.


The filled masterbatch has a large amount of addition, good fluidity, good lightness and feel, free of opening agent, toughening effect, anti-fogging, anti-dripping function, excellent lubrication and plasticizing function, Improve the production efficiency. Can make the product more flexible, the surface texture of the product, feel smoother and delicate. With antistatic function.




Sodium sulfate dosage of 15-20% does not affect the transparency of HDPE, and is basically the same as the new material film (the thickness of the film is 0.01mm-0.02mm). The addition of 5-8% to the LDPE film does not substantially affect the transparency (thickness of the film is 0.01 mm-0.02 mm). The masterbatch has a small specific gravity, good heat sealability, and high tensile strength. The latest synthesis of multi-component blend transp

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