Some Views On The Use Of Filled Masterbatch

Some Views On The Use Of Filled Masterbatch
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Views filled with masterbatch The main raw materials used to fill the masterbatch are olefin resin, using non-metallic mineral powders as fillers (CaCO3 accounts for more than 80%, talc accounts for about 10%, kaolin, silica fume etc. about 5%~8. %), Surfactants include aluminate coupling agents, titanate coupling agents, and silane coupling agents. Plasticizers and other additives, mainly stearic acid, PE wax, PP wax, paraffin, white oil and so on.

When it comes to calcium carbonate filled masterbatch, it is necessary to talk about its use, the main purpose is to fill, use it instead of expensive new materials, greatly reduce production costs, for example, a ton of PP new material is 14,500 yuan / ton, The price of filled masterbatch is 3,000 yuan / ton, if you use filled masterbatch to replace 30% PP new material, the cost is only 11050 yuan (14500 yuan * 70% +3000 yuan * 30% = 11050 yuan), only quite the original cost The 76%, this is just a conservative estimate, like some customers who do plastic utensils as plastic tableware, the filling rate of up to 50% or more, the economic benefits is quite amazing!

Closer to home, every industry has its own difficulties in every industry, and it is the same for filling masterbatches! First of all, talk about the production cost of filled masterbatch, which is mainly used to do resin and various plastic additives filled with masterbatch carrier, followed by calcium carbonate powder for filling. We all know that the global crude oil prices are soaring, and the resin price is also All the way to arrogance, only in June 2008 a ton soared thousands of pieces, and money is not necessarily bought, I do not know how many companies shut down production.

Secondly, it is the production process of filling masterbatch. The quality of the general production formula is directly related to the final quality of the product, but the factors that affect it are far more than just these, such as the temperature during production, the speed, the speed, and the production equipment. Bad, the proficiency of the production staff is a key factor, a move is inadvertent, all lose.

The third is the testing of the quality of filled masterbatch products. Enterprises usually use the method of blown film, adding a certain percentage of filled masterbatch and all materials to blow out the film in the film blowing machine, and then analyze the quality of the filled masterbatch from the film. Bad, but this accuracy is not high, the current market can not find a test instrument for filling masterbatch, there are many times, directly sent to the customer to try, of course, this is the most direct and most effective method, But it is also a very risky method, and the success rate is naturally low!

The last point is the versatility of filling masterbatch products, it is difficult to find two customers using the same product, because each customer's requirements are not the same, which requires us to tailor the customer.

The production equipment for filling modified master batches was first mixed with a high-speed mixer, a twin-roll open type or closed type, and was granulated by a mixing tablet and a flat pelletizer. Because the production process is only suitable for masterbatches produced with random polypropylene as the carrier, the mixing effect is poor, the content of impurities is large, the dispersion is not uniform, the yield is low, the quality is unstable, and there is progressive parallel twin-screw extrusion granulation Units and other production equipment instead.

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