White Masterbatch For White Silage Film

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White masterbatch for white silage film

White masterbatches are the concentrates of titanium dioxide (TIO2) in a polymer carrier. They have perfect dispersion and optimized flow properties resulting to maximum hiding power and easy processing. TIO2 used is RUTILE or ANATASE type, which ensures high opacity, colouring strength, dispersibility and excellent U.V. stability. It provides economy as well as technical benefits in many applications, especially in film blowing, injection & blow mouldings.

For relatively thick films, the most suitable masterbatches contain 10-70% of TIO2. For thin films, masterbatches with high content of TIO2 and having the best possible dispersion are preferable.

TiO2 white masterbatch advantages:

a. Used especially for opacity and whiteness

b. Acts as a UV protector

c. High thermal stability under processing conditions reduces agglomeration of TiO2.

d. A little addition gives more opacity and whiteness

e. Improves heat resistance

f. Improves resistance to weather

g. Suitable for thin film application

White masterbatch factory:

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