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Advantages of color masterbatch vs pigment

Apr 03, 2018

Advantages of color masterbatch vs pigment

The essential difference between pigment and colour masterbatch is: color masterbatch is pre-dispersed pigments in products. 

Pigment Master batch advantage is due in advance to do a good pre-dispersed, so very convenient to use, added directly, no need to do this step the dispersion. But the drawback is that overall costs masterbatch is relatively high.

The pigment has the advantage of relatively low overall costs, but requires the use of pigment of the technical staff of the dispersion of pigment have good technical knowledge, or duplication of efforts, in addition to dust pollution. Personally, I think: If the factory funded, there are certain technical team can use the pigment completely, the costs can be reduced.

If the relatively small size of the factory, I still recommend buying more convenient plastic color masterbatch, color matching technology are scattered, and let other people do, to be his last as long as the molding on it.

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