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Anatase TiO2 And Rutile TiO2

Jan 26, 2018

Anatase TiO2 And Rutile TiO2

Titanium dioxide chemical stability, in general, with most of the material does not react. Titanium dioxide in nature there are three crystal: titanium plate, anatase titanium dioxide and rutile titanium dioxide. Titanium type is unstable crystal, no industrial value. Anatase titanium dioxide referred to as A type, and rutile titanium dioxide referred to as R-type, have a stable lattice, is an important white pigments and porcelain glazes are superior in whiteness, tinting power, hiding power, weatherability, heat resistance, and chemical stability, especially non-toxic, compared to other white pigments.

Anatase titanium dioxide, the A-type titanium dioxide. Is a good white powder pigment, has good light scattering ability, and thus good whiteness, hiding power, and has a high chemical stability, non-toxic tasteless, non-stimulation of the human body, widely used in many industrial areas , Such as coatings, plastics, paper and ink.

Rutile tianium dioxide, the R-type titanium dioxide, give the good whieness,excellent gloss,high tinting strength,super durability and good dispersion properies. It's more suitable for white plastic products.