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BaSO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch for Blown Film

Oct 21, 2016

BaSO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch for Blown Film

Basic Info:
  • Material: Polyethylene/PE

  • Usage: General Plastics

  • Color: Semitransparent

Transparent filler Masterbatch compound LLDPE carrier resin and new type multi-functional micro powder, produced by

Special processing techniques.

Use Transparent filler Masterbatch in the LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE blow film application, It will not affect film's transparent property.

In addition, Transparent Masterbatch will improve machine's extrusion efficiency obviously. Transparent filler Masterbatch is more

suitable for LDPE transparent film.

1. The Masterbatch has the highest mechanical intensity preservation rate.
2. When Masterbatch used in resins, it shows stability performance.
3. Can be produced according to customer requirements.
4. No heavy metal, no poison.

Usage & Dosage proportion:
Transparent filler masterbatch, control its additive ratio within 5% ~ 30%, it will not affect HDPE transparent property. Film's transparent property is similar as new pure HDPE film ( film thickness within 0.01mm - 0.02mm ). In LDPE film, control its additive ratio within 5%~30%, It will not affect LDPE transparent property (film thickness Within 0.02mm - 0.03mm).

Main Application:
BaSO4 transparent filler masterbatch can be used to make transparent packing film, such as sanitation towel's transparent
Packing film or matte packing film, transparent vegetable packing bag, transparent food bag, fresh-keeping bag, disposable glove and so on.

The information mentioned above is just for reference only. Customers should determine by yourselves based on your own situation. We are  filler masterbatch manufacture and we can produce according to your demand. Welcome to our factory!