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Black masterbatch for double-wall corrugated pipe

Dec 12, 2017

Black masterbatch for double-wall corrugated pipe

HDPE Double wall corrugated pipes have a smooth – surfaced inner wall (colored yellow) surrounded by a profiled outer wall (colored black). The corrugated outer wall provides optimum strength under compressive loading form covering layers and traffic (High Ring Stiffness). The bright yellow color of the inner pipe also improves visibility in TV inspection, providing optimum, conditions for acceptance testing. Characteristics include:

a. High Protection against corrosion and resistance to chemicals

b. Easy Joining Methods

c. Easy Repair and Maintenance

d. Long Service Life

e. Efficient Flow of Fluids

f. Flexible

Main Application:

HDPE Corrugated pipes are used in transporting liquids by gravity such as :

a. Sewage Systems

b. Rain drainage pipes

c. Efficient water transportation system

d. Industrial wastewater system.

Carbon black masterbatch:

Black color masterbatch is designed specially for geomembranes, drip irrigation tapes and PE pipes. It adopts imported carbon black with excellent blackness and brightness, composite antioxidant, UV absorber, and light stabilizer. It prolongs the service life of products.


High blackness, high brightness, uniform dispersion, high tinting strength.

Addition Percentage:

Adjust the ratio of dosage according to customers’ requirements. The recommended ratio of dosage is 5%-30%.

Black carbon masterbatch advantages:

1. Choose high quality carbon black with steady properties. 

2. Use the organic toughening dispersant, processed and modified by special technology. 

3. Good dispersion. The optimized dispersant help the carbon black to spread. 

4. Good dyeing property, high brightness, high temperature resistance and good stability. 

5. The content of carbon black customized as customer’s requirements.

6. Dust free, easy flowing, cheaper than compound cost and consumes very little warehouse space.