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CaCO3 Filler Master Batch

Nov 17, 2016

CaCO3 Filler Master Batch

Basic Info:
Based on latest plastic modification theory, new design idealism, new material and scientific dosage, new microparticles interface technology; The additive master batch we produced with better strength, higher additive rate. The PP knitted bag, FIBC, ton bag, chemical bag, fertilizer bag which made from the fiber tape with our products have been widely appreciated by clients with no dust and better tension

CaCO3 Filler Master Batch Data:

1. Caco3: 81%; Carrier: PE/PP

2. Suitable for fiber tape; Such as use for the rice bag, PP-knitted bag, chemical bag, ton bag and etc.
3. Comply with RoHS and REACH4. Reduce cost

1. White; No dust; With good dispersion, stability and mobility. In that way there is no blocking or carbonize at the head of mold during production, water doesn't stick on film when washing; No damage to the knife when cutting to tapes.
2. Improve flatness, strength, straight, slipless, softness, smooth, with good flatness and gloss, no split and static electricity by adding these master batch.
3. High addition percentage when production, It can reach the National pulling standard by adding 15% for ton bag and 35% for normal PP knitted bag. It can pass the UV test by adding 1~5%.
4. Low heat without oil or black smoke when burning; No recontamination and no damage to incinerator when burning.
5. Achieve the standard when laminated with paper; In order to increase production efficiency and lower management costs.