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Characteristics and use of filler

Jul 05, 2016

General purpose filler: mainly used to reduce material costs for the main purpose of need, can be used in LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PE, PA and other general resin, with a small performance loss, good whiteness, good dispersion, and so on. Can be directly added to ABS, PP, PE, PA, fill a large quantity (10-50%). Including injection molding, blow molding, plastic, insulating, blown film, kits, sports equipment, tubing, braided belt, color of cloth, plastic and so on. Product features: 1, PO transparent thin film products filled with good dispersion and compatibility. 2, significant reduction in the cost of plastic products, plastic raw materials savings, improve economic efficiency. 3, good plasticization, particle size, refractive and PO are similar, transparent film. 4, no poison, no smell. Second, range adapted to the PO and transparent plastic bags, roll bags, shopping bags, vest bags, rolling film.