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China plastic mould growth in the coming years will be around 20%

Jul 05, 2016

With China's plastic industry, especially the rapid development of engineering plastics, it can be predicted that China plastic mould growth rate will still be higher than the industry's overall growth rate, annual growth in the coming years will still maintain a level of around 20%. China's exports of die-casting mold concentrated in Europe, North America, Japan, and Korea and other places, part of the firm's export gross mold volume has accounted for more than 30%. From the market point of view, plastic mold manufacturing enterprises should focus on the development of high technological content and large, sophisticated, complex, long life molds, and developing the international market, export development tooling.
More and more high quality die casting die across the seas, together, these molds are excellent ingredients to produce sophisticated, high dimensional accuracy, in line with standard requirements of customers, the service life and quality reach international advanced level, and has a clear price advantage.