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Color Masterbatch Light Resistance

Jun 14, 2017

Speaking of color masterbatch may we do not understand, this is a plastic additive, is to plastic products, Color Masterbatch in the use of some matters need to pay attention.

1. In the production of plastic products, not only need an additive, so the use of color masterbatch should pay attention to the reaction with other additives.

2. If it is a color masterbatch better to say, but a variety of colors to avoid color mixing, Color Masterbatch several colors can be mixed together is not good.

3. The use of color masterbatch need to be diluted, it is recommended to choose a high dilution rate, which can reduce production costs.

These are color masterbatch in use need to pay attention, otherwise it will waste the resources and time.

Now the plastic products are used color masterbatch coloring, previously used are stains, Color Masterbatch then compared to the coloring agent is what good? Shandong Jun full color Masterbatch Co., Ltd. said Road.

1. Color masterbatch is very convenient to use, not too complicated process, and easy to save.

2. Its own has a very good stability, can achieve uniform coloring, but also to improve the quality of plastic products.

3. Color masterbatch safe and healthy, the human body and the environment have no effect, but also can be made of functional masterbatch use.

This is the color masterbatch of the special, but also its advantages, so it will replace the dye.

A lot of daily necessities in the production will be used when the color masterbatch, Color Masterbatch the nature of this masterbatch is a lot, now by the manufacturers that the main patience of the master bar

We often use fiber lumber products, because in the generation of time, can not suffer from light and heat, so in order to produce the use of color masterbatch, the required color masterbatch in high temperature spinning easy to spread, not Destroy fiber character, do not make the fiber fade, have excellent light resistance, wear resistance, solvent resistance, bear the harsh spinning draft.

First talk about the heat resistance of color masterbatch, the fundamental requirements of the polypropylene fiber production process can withstand the temperature, to maintain its stable performance. Temperature temperature is usually required for more than 270 ~ 280 ℃. And then the brightness of polypropylene liquid coloring has a variety of uses, which for bedspreads and knitted fabrics, requiring bright color. Because the organic pigment is bright and beautiful, and easy to color, so where the use of the use of organic pigments. After the color masterbatch light resistance, Color Masterbatch in the light of some pigments have a photosensitive effect, so that coloring fiber fade and fragile, and the light resistance of the pigment is essentially related to its chemical layout, so in the production of masterbatch to be substantial When the color of the fine pigment is light and the light resistance of the pigment is necessary, it is possible to consider adding an ultraviolet absorber.