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Desiccant Masterbatch, Moisture Absorbent Masterbatch

Nov 06, 2016

Desiccant Masterbatch, Moisture Absorbent Masterbatch

Basic Info:
  • Material:Polyethylene/PE

  • Usage: General Plastics

  • Products Include: Black, White, Color, Filler Masterbatch and Desiccant masterbatch

Advantages of us:

1. For the same price, we supply the best quality products.
2. For the same quality products, we can offer you the lowest price.
3. Wide range of different quality grades products. Can produce as per customer's demand, can do OEM production.
4. Small order quantity can be accepted.
5. Prompt shipment, very short lead time.
6. Experienced workers and technicist, our boss has been in the plastic field for more than 20 years.

Film Blowing: Shopping bags, rubbish bags, Mulch, milk film etc.
Injection: Toy, electronic components, automobile parts, house ware, etc.
Extrusion: Plastic sheet, pipe, etc.

Color masterbatch : Many kinds of different colors. The buyer can send us the color masterbatch samples, then we do as per the sample. Or tell us the color Pantone number or RAL number, so we can confirm the color, then do samples for you to confirm.
Can do OEM production as per customer's demand
Carrier resin: Virgin or recycled materials
Carrier resin type: PE, PP, or others
Pigment content: 20%-60%
Good dispersion
Dosage: 1%-3% recommended

Filler masterbatch / Filled masterbatch/ CaCO3 masterbatch
Carrier resin: Virgin or recycled PE
Filler : CaCO3 or BaSO4, Na2SO4
Reduce the cost
Filler content: 75%-85%
Carrier resin content: 15%-25%

Desiccant masterbatch / moisture absorption masterbatch / deforming masterbatche / water absorbent masterbatch
Carrier resin: Virgin or recycled PE
CaO content: 50%-80%
Good Moisture absorption
Used in the recycled materials