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Dual pressure02

Sep 26, 2016

As shown in an IBM survey report, China's manufacturing industry takes core technology, capability of proprietary innovation and brand construction for globalization as key approaches to implement " Made in China 2025" program. To ensure there approaches are fully implemented, enterprise management put it at a paramount position to optimize strategic management and organization process. Leveraging new generation information platforms under the new value network such as big data, cloud computation, Internet of Things and mobile Internet, enterprises can obtain accurate data insight as core driver to optimize overall R&D, production and marketing processes and data insight is leveraged as core driver throughout the new value network.

China manufacturing industry is now as the crossroad of reform and transformation. Manufacturing enterprises should take proactive insight, seek changes in the "Made in China 2025" strategic direction, adapt to specific requirements of market environment, seize the opportunities brought about by information resources in the new industrial age and creat new value network driven by data insight.