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Epoch-making target 02

Sep 30, 2016

Enterprise organization to become flat and virtual: Flat organization, new enterprise modes such as supply chain integration innovation and network marketing will make each enterprise evolve into an endpoint in the information physical system, raw material supplu, machine operation and channel sale for different enterprises will be centrally dispatched and allocated to accomplish real-time upstream and downstream cooperation in the industrial chain. Virtual operation, collaborative manufacturing will become an important production organization mode and virtual enterprises with operation head office but without production workshops will come into being.

Product mode transforms to customization and service orientation: Customization, enterprises may adjust production process and technology on timely basis depending on customers' requirements and flexibly produce specific products. Service orientation, enterprises will transform from tradition core of product manufacture to the provision of products and services with adequate contents and even provision of total solutions to customers.

In the future, application of information technology in every process in the manufacturing industry from research, development and design, production equipment, enterprise management to product circulation and marketing channel will be further intensified, and information technology will be fully integrated with manufacturing process.