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Filler Masterbatch

Mar 26, 2018

Filler Masterbatch
Filler masterbatches (master batch) is calcium carbonate (Caco3) based filler compounds used in plastic industries to modify various properties of the base plastic or plastic polymers. These are specially formulated by compounding blended polyolefin’s with ultrafine calcium Carbonate in the compounding extrusion. It improves physical properties of polymers, reduces cost. Ultra fine coated CaCo3 or talc filled masterbatches consists of Whole range in milky as well as natural effects. These caco3 based filler masterbatches reduces cost and works as anti-burn at the die lips at higher loadings. Filler masterbatch used for the production of woven sacks , Blown film extrusion, injection & blow molding, Non woven & Extrusion coating.
Filler Masterbatches Grades:
Plast White : 
Modify physical & mechanical properties and reduce cost in application, blown film extrusion, film coating, injection & blow molding. 
Plast Stiff 
Improves strength,improves stiffness, modify physical & mechanical properties, reduces cost. 
Plast Fil
Improves output in blown film extrusion reduces cost, improves physical properties. 
Plast Supreme
Improves output, imparts opacity, reduces cost,improves physical properties in blown film extrusion. 
Plast clear film
Act as nucleating agent maintain clarity of polymers, improves gloss, reduces cost in blown film extrusion, shopping bags. 
Plast highmix
Reduces cost, improves ESCR , Gives faster cooling in PE injection & blow molded products. 
Plast highmix clear
Act as nucleating agent,improves gloss, improves ESCR in HDPE/PE injection & blow molded products.