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Funds masterbatch of modified plastics limited composition and analysis

Jul 05, 2016

General organic pigments, such as phthalocyanine green; red iron oxide, titanium dioxide, inorganic pigments such as; dyes such as VAT pink, disperse Orange and so on. Polyolefin, PVC is used in color masterbatch pigment, General coloring dyes are not available for polyolefins, otherwise it will cause serious migration.
Polyethylene wax can be used as carrier of the pigment concentrate, pigment dispersion in polyethylene wax spotless to the PVC color can also be used for colouring of the polyamide, and to improve the demoulding. Polyethylene wax has proved to be in polymer particles of pigment combined with excellent adhesive, but also the dust generated in the mixer at high speed, not condensed, easy flow of pigment concentrates for good adhesive.
Carrier resins
The masterbatch pigment evenly, and grainy. Select carriers to consider compatibility with pigmented resin, also consider the master should have good dispersion, thus carrier mobility should be greater than the pigmented resin, while the coloring does not affect product quality. Similar polymers such as melt index, master batch melt index is higher than the polymers to ensure consistent color of the final product. PE, PP masterbatch select LDPE (low density polyethylene) resin as the carrier modified PS PS, ABS material selection as the carrier.