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Lower Price 99% Color Master Batch Red for Plastic

Oct 28, 2016

Lower Price 99% Color Master Batch Red for Plastic

Basic Info:

a. Model NO.: Color masterbatch

b. Appearance: Granular

c. Application Material: Plastic

d. Solubility: Insolubility

e. Heat Resistance: 180c~220c

f. Colour: White, Green, Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Orange, Violet

g. Pigment Content: 25%-28%

Product Description:

Lower price 99% color master batch red for plastic

Color master batch red for plastic: 
1. Well and high quality control 
2. Prompt delivery 
3. Competitive price


Color Masterbatch


The application of technology for PE, PP film  blowing of, injection molding, extrusion, can also be used for HIPS, PS coloring of the injection and extrusion, but with the increasing ratio of mechanical strength of the products may have a certain impact.


The use of proportion: 2% -8% (depending on product requirements) .


 Main features: high coloring power, good dispersion, good brightness, color, colorful .

Application: Shopping bag, Cast film, Liquid packing film


PE heavy-duty bag, water-proof plastic paper bag, 25Kg/bag, 40bags/pallet.


The product can be stored well in the original package.

The shelf life is about six months under the maximum room temperature of 25C. A higher storage 

temperature may affect the application quality of the masterbatch.