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Apr 04, 2018


Production of plastic products involves many intricate procedures which one may not be aware of. Of the many, the first thing that can aid one is to recognize and understand the vital difference between color masterbatch and pre-colored resin. Comprehending the difference could mean everything for you and your company. Before understanding the difference, one must know what masterbatch is. Well, to put it in plain words, masterbatch is concentrated color which is optimally dispersed in a carrier material. It is important that the masterbatch is compatible with the main plastic. It is only after testing its compatibility, the masterbatch is released with all-natural polymer during the molding process.

First Difference: is the color pigment.  You will notice that the color pigment is different in both. The color pigment used in pigment masterbatch is most likely to be error-free in the process of color making. Also with the masterbatch, the color stands out more prominently.

Second Difference: is in the creation. The process of creation of masterbatch is much quicker and inexpensive in comparison to pre-colored resin.

Third Difference: is in distribution. The third and final difference that one will notice between masterbatch and pre-colored resin is that the carrier resin is distributed very differently in both. In masterbatch, the carrier resin is distributed uniformly throughout the entire product. Because of this, there are no differences in coloring. However in pre-colored resin there are chances of uneven distribution.