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Moisture-proof knowledge of masterbatch

Jul 05, 2016

Moisture master refers to a variety of plastic additive concentrates, moisture-proof kernel hardness: hardness too high of powdered particles-ceramic powders, inorganic antibacterial agents and quartz sand, can cause mixing equipment looks a serious wear and tear. Direct additives is not easy to disperse, using inefficient, often in the form of master batches added.

Size: particle size 0.1~3mm granular powder composed of a solid. 0.1mm100 μ m as the particles of powder 1~10 μ m for fine powder 0.1~1 μ m as powders 3mm particle crushing solid blocks. Smaller size, are more dense mixture. Smaller but the same solid particle size, particle easier absorption between Pellet, the Pellet, and the other a mixture of solid particles, it is not easy to open, also difficult to disperse in plastic melt.

Particle size distribution: wide particle size distribution of the powder charge than more dense narrow particle size distribution. Because of small size can be entered in the space between the particles, but the two size difference between the largest powder mix is difficult to mix evenly.