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Pet White Masterbatch

Nov 11, 2016

Pet White Masterbatch

Basic Info:

Product Description:

Appearance: 3 * 3 mm white cylindrical or round grain
Ingredient: Pigment(70% rutile titanium dioxide) +PE +additives
Feature: Extremely high covering power, sun-proof, high resistance of turning yellow, excellent dispersion, coloring stable, clean easy to store and use
Other physical and chemical features

Pet White Masterbatch feature:
1. Scent: Slight
2. Melting point: 11.5g/10min(2.16kg/190degree)
3. Specific gravity: 1150kg/m3;
4. Applied temperture: 120~250degree
5. Moisture: 0.1%
6. Solubility: Insoluble in water
7. Chromatic aberration:  0.2
8. Weather resistance:  7 degree

Recommended dosage: 1%~4%(special process should be tested first)
Application: PE, PP, ABS PVC, injection, blowing film, casting films(order
Can be customized)
We are willing to match all kinds of color and functional masterbatches for our customers, if you have interest, please contact us more information, and our company can product from your sample.