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Plastic Color Masterbatches

Dec 21, 2016

Plastic Color Masterbatches

Basic Info:

Plastic Color Masterbatches Description:
Black Masterbatch, taking carbon black to 53%, is made of imported high carbon black pigment, new polyethylene resins and pigments additives, pelletized by water-cooled high-speed mixing extrusion.

Thermoplastic resin injection, pumping tablets and other processes, especially those with good blackness and blue phase in engineering plastics, styrene series, PS, and is environmentally friendly high black highlighted the high concentration of black masterbatch.

Plastic Color Masterbatches Advantages:
1. High black, bright, high-gloss mirror effect can be achieved.
2. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, surface smoothness and stability of solid color glossy color, good toughness, does not appear the color point and color patterns such phenomena, not only reduce costs, save additives, but also reduce the plant site contamination.

Well stir with material before production.

Recommended dosage of 1% to 3% (depending on the product features, requirements).

Packing & Storage:
25kg/bag, paper-plastic compounding bag outside with PE film bag inside.
Sealed in cool and dry place under normal temperature.