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PP Color Masterbatch

Nov 18, 2016
PP Color Masterbatch
  • Name: PP Color Masterbatch

  • Usage: General Plastics, Engineering Plastics, Specialty Plastics

  • Plastic Forming Method: Injection

  • Application: Film Blow, Injection Molding PE, PP, and

  • Material: Polypropylene/PP

  • Plastic Properties After Heated: Thermoplastic Plastics

  • Color: Colorful

  • Carrier: PP

  • Appearance: Plastic Pellets

Product Description:

Specifications of PP Color Masterbatch:
1. Properties:
1) Product Color: Color, black/white masterbatches, imitative wood vein series, etc.
2) Modified masterbatches (PP + filler, PP + fiber, PA + fiber): Increase the performance of impact
And scratch resistance, no deformation.
3) UVC masterbatches: Suitable for outdoor products without changing color under sunshine for many years.
4) Inflame retarding masterbatches: Suitable for the decorative furnishings, gym chairs, etc.
5) Product shape: Cylindrical granule with even size and no dust.

2. Functions (based on different additives):
1) Imitative pearly-luster color effect
2) Changing color effect at angles
3) Metal colored effect
4) Noctilucent effect
5) Fluorescent effect
6) Toughening effect
7) Anti-static effect
8) Corrosion resistance
9) Inflaming retarding

3. Usage:
1) PE, PP, common black/white masterbatches: Suitable for package, injection molding, extruded
Pipe, and ABS/HIPS sheet materials.
2) PP, PE, color masterbatches: Suitable for package, injection molding, extruded pipe,
Bottle blowing, sheet materials, stationery, household products, etc.
3) HIPS, GPPS: Suitable for plastic uptake, compression molding, decorative sheet/tile, computer
Casing, beverage cover, chocolate box, etc.
4) PC/ABS alloy: Suitable for electrical appliance, telephone casing, printer casing, various small-sized switch, etc.
5) PET: Suitable for bottle blowing, sheet material package, etc.
6) PA: Suitable for electrical appliance switch, small gear, etc.
7) PC: Suitable for barrel blowing, electrical appliance, etc.

Advantages of PP Color Masterbatch:
1, Good color stability and compatibility
2, High density and chroma
3, Quick color change
4, Smooth surface and even granules
5, Non-toxic and environmental protection
6, Good dispersion
7, Stabilize the performance of the dyed materials
8, Less substandard products during production

Applications of PP Color Masterbatch:
1, Plastic product: Co-extruded profile, cup, etc.
2, Fiber: Carpet, textiles, upholstery, etc.
3, Film: Shopping bags, casting film, multilayer film, etc.
4, Blow molding: Medical and cosmetics containers, lubricant and paint commodities, etc.
5, Extrusion molding: Roof tile, roofing sheet, plastic pipe, wire and cable, etc.