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Use filler views

Jul 05, 2016

Said calcium carbonate fill mother material, will said said it of uses, main purpose is fill, with it instead of expensive of new material, greatly reduced production cost, lift case for a tons PP new material is 14500 Yuan/tons, fill mother material of price is 3000 Yuan/tons, if with fill mother material to instead of 30%PP new material words, cost as long as 11050 Yuan (14500 Yuan *70%+3000 Yuan *30%=11050 Yuan), only quite original cost of 76%, This is a conservative estimate, like making pipe plastic tableware customer, fill ratio of up to 50% per cent, economic benefit quite amazing!
Closer to home, each industry for each industry's problems, filler is the same! First of all, talk filler masterbatch production cost is mainly used for filler masterbatch carrier resin and plastic additives, then filled with calcium carbonate powder, we all know that global crude oil prices soaring, resin prices are way fury, June 08 only a ton of soaring thousands of pieces, and that money does not necessarily buy it, I do not know how many businesses close to stop production.