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White Masterbatch Production Process Is Simple

Jun 15, 2017

The white masterbatch is the addition of titanium dioxide to the carrier resin, with some dispersant to improve the dispersion effect of titanium dioxide in the carrier to produce uniform dispersion, White Masterbatch high quality masterbatch, as the world's polymer materials additives application of the most One of the main forms.

White masterbatch production process is simple, easy to use, decentralized effect is excellent, easy to achieve production automation; currently widely used in courier bags, milk film, detergent bags, toothpaste tube, protective film, food packaging bags and sheet, And other products.

With "small body, large energy" to describe the white masterbatch and then fit, white masterbatch is small, but the purchase of a good product really need to pay attention to many factors. Domestic white masterbatch quality varies greatly, to understand a small number of friends in the choice of such products more difficult to start. White Masterbatch The following list of white masterbatch selected 9 points Note that we want to help:

1. whiteness is high

The whiteness of the white masterbatch is mainly manifested by the titanium dioxide in the color masterbatch, and there are many factors that affect the whiteness of the titanium dioxide, which mainly include the size, shape and particle size distribution of the titanium dioxide particles, the type and content of the impurities, and the titanium dioxide particle lattice Defects. In general, because the chlorination of raw materials on the purity of titanium dioxide is high and the impurities in the preparation process is also less, White Masterbatch so chlorinated titanium dioxide whiteness than sulfuric acid method is better.

In the reality of the white mother market, many white masterbatch producers by adding the same amount of ash content of calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, zinc sulfide posing as titanium dioxide, in fact, White Masterbatch these inorganic powder whiteness and titanium dioxide is unparalleled The

2. Hiding power is better

Hiding power is also a very important indicator of the requirements of the white masterbatch. The good hiding power means that the pigment has a strong coloring ability, and the desired effect can be obtained with a small addition amount. The hulling force of the white masterbatch depends on the choice of titanium dioxide and the processing technology, the rutile titanium dioxide compared to the anatase titanium dioxide, has a smaller and closer unit lattice, and a larger refractive index, so the hiding power and UV resistance is significantly better than anatase.

For the use of the same type of rutile titanium dioxide white masterbatch, titanium dioxide particle size is small, narrow particle size distribution, good dispersion in the masterbatch hatching force than titanium dioxide particle size distribution, poor dispersion in the masterbatch performance it is good. Similarly, White Masterbatch the common calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, zinc sulfide hiding power and titanium dioxide is not comparable.

White masterbatch moisture content for the performance of masterbatch also plays an important role in the general moisture content to control the following 1500ppm, requiring strict to 600ppm in the injection molding process, the raw materials are generally in the production before drying , And in the film production, the customer is bought and the carrier is premixed directly after use, if the masterbatch of high moisture content, a serious direct lead to rupture of membranes, there will be in the film to form small bubbles, "crystal point" And other defects, and cause the white masterbatch high water from the masterbatch selected raw materials to the process have an impact.

Some film manufacturers in the use of white masterbatch, will smell a strange smell, which in the milk film and food contact with the film is absolutely not allowed, mainly due to the masterbatch in the titanium dioxide in organic In the course of treatment, the selected coating aid is not appropriate or the amount of added is too large, or the masterbatch production process used in the dispersion of a problem, can replace the white masterbatch grades.

White masterbatch generally requires light resistance of 7-8, weather resistance of 4-5, temperature to 280 degrees. These requirements mainly depends on the quality of titanium dioxide, to achieve the above conditions, must be to rutile titanium dioxide.