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Why masterbatch?

Oct 10, 2016

Masterbatch does not only colorize your products, it also adds value to them. Products in the right colors provide identification, attraction and trust, as well as arousing interest and attracting attention.
• It is not easy to dispense the pigments or ingredients, which are in powder form, homogeneously into the plastic, which is in granule form, and process them.
• Additionally, catching the continuity of color tones other than the main colors, which consist of a single pigment, requires special equipment and systems.
• You would not run into any problems, such as your facility being polluted by fluttering powder paint particles, the color of the other products being ruined by fluttering paint powder, all your equipment and staff being painted, color fluctuations etc., which are the natural consequences of working with pigments.
  • Because pigment mixture ratios directly affect the color and this is a sensitive process, even a formula error of 0.1% may not be realized in the controls and cause your production work with the wrong colors for hours and sometimes give rise to irremediable damages.
• Active agent dispensing in this stage affects the quality of Masterbatch. Excellent filter test values obtained support you also in this regard.
• Carrier plastic and other ingredients dispense the powder agent into the main plastic homogeneously while you are processing and shaping the plastic.
• It helps you focus in your production on your shaping and similar quality priorities rather than the mixture problems of paint and plastic.